Friday, April 30, 2010


aka recharging mode.

As a rechargeable battery, I need food, rest, food, entertainment, rest and movies.

I need to recharge myself so that I can look forward to the short future with a full mind, body and soul. Not to mention a steady on too.

Charging myself with

  • Hakusyaku to Yousei
  • Kigutan

Let's play!

(the heart whispering to build a new Gundam)

Ha Hu Hi


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


what we're doing?
all I know right now is to do a presentation on Scanning Electron Microscope; while others pick titles such as
  • Monte Carlo Method - I thought it was somewhere place
  • Sputtering Magnetron ? - let all the magnetism gets in your way so that you could turn round and round and round by E X B drift
  • and so others...

let us tell in details with SEM until the last 300000x image.

and such a lovely spider we got there


Ha Hu Hi

with all my might