Friday, June 19, 2009

夏か。。。summer ... HOT!!!!

It is not yet summer but the humidity, and the temperature is changing drastically to a hot dessert. Learning is tough, when the wind is so strong that it made my notes flew(luckily I caught them before the turned into burnable garbage).

My frequent-visited udon store has a new recipe. Cold udon, but as I thought I prefer hot udon although it's steaming hot here. 

I ate Doraemon's favourite dorayaki. It's like bean paste (azuki) wrapped in two thick pancakes . Not so delicious for my taste. But maybe I need to stop more dorayaki store?  

Last night 24th June, I experienced earthquake for the first time. It lasted arond 2-3 seconds, but no doubt about it, my bed was shaking so hard that I had to think twice( for I thought it was my neighbour moving things around her room). Here I am living on the highest floor in my apartment, won't that be something to fear? I was already thinking about hiding under my study table too. Luckily it last by seconds, which seemingly for me, more than a day. I still feel the anxiety up till now. 

Ha Hu Hi


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

mid test= FINISH

My mid test is over.

My brain= class-test+food+music+new places+games

I want to see new animes!!!!!!

Pandora Heart manga is cool. Can't wait to watch the anime.

My host family is really cool.... though there seems to be a lot of questions regarding Islam(especially the food part); but Nanami, Yuusaku and Teppei are absolutely the cutest siblings I'd seen so far. Mine? Couldn't be compared. Ha hu hi. Tried the Japan's curry rice(made by my host mom aka Okaasan). It's thicker, but do not have the same thickness as mamak curry, and there's no coconut milk flavor to it. The onions were boiled... that's the biggest difference between Malay curry too..., and there's carrot in it.  Tak pedas jugak....

I think the most thing that I missed is food that are pedas. I don't think hot is quite to describe the malay food... But lately I've been eating breads and making them.

To my family, sorry that I do not want to go back during this year Ramadhan. I really wanted to explore Japan. Please do not be angry with me( I don't care if you're angry but I really do CARE if you are DISSAPOINTED in me, though). Just one small request... please send me the food!!!! :)

Spring is almost over, and summer is coming. The weather is getting crazy too. It's sunny one day, and then 3 days of clouds and rain. It's getting hot too.

then again

Ha Hu Hi