Saturday, September 22, 2012

dreadful days

Squandering among the piles of books, files, papers and dirty laundry is not I wished to have right now.

Moreover the stress been piling up since it is only 3 more days before the academic conference.
It's not just pilling, it catching up to my nose right now!!!
Don't start with the stomach either.... my appetite seems to be lost since 5 weeks ago.
First, my zemi presentation.
Then, this academic presentation.
Although I'm happy that AT LEAST, the school pays for the accommodation and  trip fare.

In the midst of this, how did I find myself engrossing TWO, not one, novels, finished by the break of dawn?

Well, that goes to the sleep deprived girl over here.

Good thing that the convenience store down the corner sells onigiri, cream puffs, and onigiri.
They please my stomach, at least to stop from grumbling enough.

Hate to say, I am the epitome of the very image of a book worm+student.
Good thing those instant things still here.

Ha Hu Hi

P.S I'll write the summary of the novel I'd read next time. I really like the hero ( °^o^ squeal °)

Monday, September 10, 2012

the misadventures of when you're sleep deprived

misadventures of sleep deprived girl

First either your baggage lost or yourself to be lost.

Secondly, been caught in the act of your bad sleeping habits

Thirdly, the BIG lost of transportation fees.