Friday, October 28, 2011


to all manga lovers,

sadly, mangafox had already broken the rules.
As a reader, and also (a free translator), I feel sad learning the facts that sites like mangafox profits from free-scanlation mangas, uploading back hit series (manga lovers should know this by now), and ignoring the requests from scanlators.

WE, the SCANLATORS, do not make profits.
We just want to let people know the fun of reading mangas.

I admit that sites like mangafox introduces me to a lot of mangas that I've never knew and loved. but, once it had been licensed, shouldn't the manga community respects the publisher as well as the mangaka wish. Better yet, as a loyal fan, shouldn't we to buy and OWN the manga WE love? and take down old releases. Not re-upload.

I do not wish for the mangakas to know about this. If they knew, what horror would that be.
They may not be motivated anymore to draw mangas we love just because of our online community. I wish for that to never happen. (ONE PIECE on hiatus because of online fans -> never want to read this headline on the news, do you?)

To anyone who had been reading Shouta Aya's manga, please know that the mangaka requests that all her mangas online to be stopped. Read here more (

Shouldn't we rejoice that mangakas are also trying to help their overseas fans by getting their works licensed (in English, mind you, it may be a little slower, but it worth the wait).

Respect the mangakas.
Respect the publishers.
Respects the scanlators.

Just a cool vid I came across. enjoy

till then,

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Saturday, October 15, 2011

秋 秋 Autumn Luruh Fall

It's getting cold lately during the night, yet the day is still warm.

I'm still wearing summer clothes with a summer jacket during the day. (My lab is too warm. huhuhu)

Here's the review for After Eden's album promised so long ago.

1. Eden

A good opener, I guess. It's a song of hope and dreams. An uplifting song. Wakana and Hikaru 's voices blend together well, moreover for Hikaru. Keiko, as usual a great support, adding more depth to the song.

2. sandpiper

at first, I thought it was mezame from Fiction Junction. haha, but when Hikaru's voice comes out, it's Kalafina that I'm hearing. Love it and I like the chorus part the best! This song can be count as a ballad. Have Jpop-ish feeling in Kalafina's song is not quite bad.

4. kugatsu (September)

I like the piano in here. Sweet but it's kind of sad. I'm a fan of Wakana, so I really love her singing part in here. But I can feel that Hikaru's getting better with songs like this. There's flute too. Hearing Kalafina singing love songs are the best.

5. in your eyes

Not much of my taste, but Keiko part when she sings "kura kura" seems fun.

6. destination unknown

one of the songs I love on this album. No more said. Hikaru sets the dark mood need for the song. Keiko rocks this song.

8. kotonoha

WAKANA!!!!!! a ballad song! I love this song soooooo much that I keep on replaying the song! Thank you BleedyLegend for uploading a video with subs for this song!

11. mune no yukue

The best song for me!!!!! I love Keiko's voice in here! I wish she sings more songs like this! This songs really brings out her best!! (for me, kakakaka)

13. symphonia

A great song with all theirs voices combined together. A little bit different from their previous album too. But I like the song composition. Keiko as the opener, then Hikaru comes in, Wakana sings the chorus. I want to hear they sing live with this song!

All in all, After Eden is different from their previous albums. It's like Yuki Kajiura is experimenting each voices to the fullest potential, at the same time composing songs that quite different from before {I believe with simpler composition(?)}. A lot of songs have their voices as background music instead of using instruments. My only wish is that they put in sapphire in this album.

I think that this album is an enjoyable album for those whose hearing Kalafina for the first time. Hikaru takes the main stage in this album, and Wakana sings the chorus part a lot. Keiko is a great support, but I wish that she have more songs like Mune no yukue!!

Till then,

good night