Sunday, November 27, 2011


My Activity for this Autumn

1. Hiking

not to the top, but hey! as long as i can climb, I can do it!! Yeah!

2. Mikan Gari

So far, I'd been to strawberry, apple and grape picking places.
This year is tangerines!!!
There's a lot of them, all orangey, delicious looking, just waiting to be pick!

Next post would be winter activities!! what will I do eh...

Till then,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Job Hunting Season

it's time again,
the job hunting season.

One thing I notice that the system used for job seeking here is quite different from back in my own country.
For one thing, here I have to go to career seminars, a lot of them too.
They did not offer position to us. Instead, they asked where in the company would you like to be placed, or so I've been told.

I must learn the company background, at the same time send out my resume to them in order to receive the infos (such as the company profits, future investments, how many people quit the company after 3 years and such).
There will be three times the interview.



here's something to look forward to:
Supercell - My Dearest

7!! - bye bye

yusuke- Inazuma Samurai --- really suits my mood in seeking for jobs

Till then,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Thursday

My stress reliever

Let's dance with Baby Bel!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


to all manga lovers,

sadly, mangafox had already broken the rules.
As a reader, and also (a free translator), I feel sad learning the facts that sites like mangafox profits from free-scanlation mangas, uploading back hit series (manga lovers should know this by now), and ignoring the requests from scanlators.

WE, the SCANLATORS, do not make profits.
We just want to let people know the fun of reading mangas.

I admit that sites like mangafox introduces me to a lot of mangas that I've never knew and loved. but, once it had been licensed, shouldn't the manga community respects the publisher as well as the mangaka wish. Better yet, as a loyal fan, shouldn't we to buy and OWN the manga WE love? and take down old releases. Not re-upload.

I do not wish for the mangakas to know about this. If they knew, what horror would that be.
They may not be motivated anymore to draw mangas we love just because of our online community. I wish for that to never happen. (ONE PIECE on hiatus because of online fans -> never want to read this headline on the news, do you?)

To anyone who had been reading Shouta Aya's manga, please know that the mangaka requests that all her mangas online to be stopped. Read here more (

Shouldn't we rejoice that mangakas are also trying to help their overseas fans by getting their works licensed (in English, mind you, it may be a little slower, but it worth the wait).

Respect the mangakas.
Respect the publishers.
Respects the scanlators.

Just a cool vid I came across. enjoy

till then,

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Saturday, October 15, 2011

秋 秋 Autumn Luruh Fall

It's getting cold lately during the night, yet the day is still warm.

I'm still wearing summer clothes with a summer jacket during the day. (My lab is too warm. huhuhu)

Here's the review for After Eden's album promised so long ago.

1. Eden

A good opener, I guess. It's a song of hope and dreams. An uplifting song. Wakana and Hikaru 's voices blend together well, moreover for Hikaru. Keiko, as usual a great support, adding more depth to the song.

2. sandpiper

at first, I thought it was mezame from Fiction Junction. haha, but when Hikaru's voice comes out, it's Kalafina that I'm hearing. Love it and I like the chorus part the best! This song can be count as a ballad. Have Jpop-ish feeling in Kalafina's song is not quite bad.

4. kugatsu (September)

I like the piano in here. Sweet but it's kind of sad. I'm a fan of Wakana, so I really love her singing part in here. But I can feel that Hikaru's getting better with songs like this. There's flute too. Hearing Kalafina singing love songs are the best.

5. in your eyes

Not much of my taste, but Keiko part when she sings "kura kura" seems fun.

6. destination unknown

one of the songs I love on this album. No more said. Hikaru sets the dark mood need for the song. Keiko rocks this song.

8. kotonoha

WAKANA!!!!!! a ballad song! I love this song soooooo much that I keep on replaying the song! Thank you BleedyLegend for uploading a video with subs for this song!

11. mune no yukue

The best song for me!!!!! I love Keiko's voice in here! I wish she sings more songs like this! This songs really brings out her best!! (for me, kakakaka)

13. symphonia

A great song with all theirs voices combined together. A little bit different from their previous album too. But I like the song composition. Keiko as the opener, then Hikaru comes in, Wakana sings the chorus. I want to hear they sing live with this song!

All in all, After Eden is different from their previous albums. It's like Yuki Kajiura is experimenting each voices to the fullest potential, at the same time composing songs that quite different from before {I believe with simpler composition(?)}. A lot of songs have their voices as background music instead of using instruments. My only wish is that they put in sapphire in this album.

I think that this album is an enjoyable album for those whose hearing Kalafina for the first time. Hikaru takes the main stage in this album, and Wakana sings the chorus part a lot. Keiko is a great support, but I wish that she have more songs like Mune no yukue!!

Till then,

good night

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

KALAFINA- After Eden

I just received Kalafina After Eden today!!

Will be reviewing it after class today.

For now, listen to full version of Symphonia.

symphonia 投稿者 Bored4Lyfe

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rocking Season!!!! and other things

especially for Porno Graffiti.

They had just released a new PV- One More Time

Song's about don't ever give up. This song is dedicated to my lil sis whose going to be facing the big obstacle in their teen years. Ganbare!!

Lovin' them since Melissa

To my sisters!! GANBAREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

especially the two youngest. And the first lil sis, you still have to look forward to the future! don't give up in the middle!!

To my brother, be safe and sound. and sound in mind while preparing things for your further study.

To my cousin, Happy wedding day!!

Till then,


Friday, September 9, 2011

Somethinng to do this weekend


1. Read Gakuen Babysitters no.4

The latest addition to Gakuen Babysitter series!! SQUEAL!!!!

So cute, Kotaro-kun. Reading the story is such a stress reliever to my much stressed weekdays! No spoilers here!

2. Watch vs Arashi

laughter ensues!!

Now, who will win between Arashi team and Guest team.

And who is the best Arashi member today.

3. Watching summer sky.

It's nearing Autumn already. Will the sky changes it's colour?

I caught a orange-ish sky last year, and this year a purplish sky for summer.

I'm going to wait for Autumn sky. Will they be as beautiful as summer?

4. Listening to new CDs bought.

Aimer- No.6 ending theme,

Utada Hikaru - vol 2 collection,

and Backstreet Boys - Black and Blue (found it at second hand store, for half the price)

4. Playing Games!!!

picture courtesy of

I want to finish Avalon Code quickly so that I can play Ookami den next.

Huhuhu.. really, I want to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!!!!


Urgh, the last thing I want to do this weekend.

Till, then.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's already Thursday

Every Thursday, I check upon my favorite manhwa, then go to laboratory like any other day, then comes back home looking up at my favorite anime series of the moment.
Not much of life, huh?

Then open my fridge to find nothing because it's already Thursday. Friday is the day of shopping.

With nothing left in the fridge, I go to the nearest 7-eleven, buying onigiri, some bread, and chocos for dinner.

I am the kind who could not study in her room - I only eat, sleep, play, engrossing myself in mangas in my room- so I wake up early to (never mind that- I could not even wake up early anymore) go to the library. Save my electric bills.

About Thursdays;
hmmmm.... then Fridays. Home shopping.
and Saturdays for laboratory meetings.

I'm hoping the endless loop to break anytime soon, or else, I will start to believe that I'm a robot.
Huh, where all my energy gone to?

When I realize something, it's already Thursday.

Such a slowpoke, that I am.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lion King

ahh, how nostalgic...

and here I searched for videos on hakuna matata, yet.. when the Elton John popped up, I can't resist to hear back his songs.

Try listening back to movie version of "Can't you feel the love tonight" and his version.

And lol I laughed hard at the movie version

Elton John singing live.

It's been so long since I watched Disney's classic.

I prefer 2D over 3D. That's why I'm still in love with Hayao's works.



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer, fireworks 花火



Shimonoseki's firework display is such a huge event that we had to come 3 hours early. Streets packed with people and car parks were already full by 3 o'clock. The display started at 7.40 o'clock though.

Here some pictures to remember by. But looking at fireworks in live much better.

till then,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A weird season to hear love songs

Exams are already over , but there's still lab presentation to prepare.
Here comes BN, oh BN.

Between Boron Nitride, Diamond like Carbon and Diamond itself, the battle of properties soon to continue upon my slide show.

now, now, now.

Exams are already finished, so I'm off searching for new songs.

My favourite for now are from Lisa Halim!

Setsunakurai, Aishiteita - I love you that it hurts so much(??)


and the other songs from Fairy Tail's ending - hitori wa samishikute ( Lonely Person) by Shana

The lyrics and translation are below
Romaji lyrics

Hitori samishiku iru kono samui yoru ni
Omou no wa tada hitotsu anata no koto dake
Sayonara suru ni wa mada kokoro ga itasugiru kara
Aitai kimochi osaete nemuri ni tsuku

Anata no koe ga ima kikitai to negau
Anata no ude ga ima koishii to omou
Aenai hibi ga tsuzuite shimau no nara
Issou kono mama sayonara shiyou ka na
Kotae no nai haruka tooi michinori dakara koso
Shinjiru tsuyoi akashi ga ima hitsuyou da kara
Onegai hon no sukoshi de ii kara
Ima watashi o dakishimete kogoete shimaisou da kara

Hitori samishiku iru kono samui yoru ni
Omou no wa tada hitotsu anata no koto dake
Sayonara suru ni wa mada kokoro ga itasugiru kara
Aitai kimochi osaete nemuri ni tsuku

Mainichi onaji seikatsu no naka de
Anata no egao ni nandomo iyasareta
Anata ni aitai kara iiwake o kangaete
Sayonara shitakunai kuse ni owari o kangaeru
Kokoro no mama ni omou mama kotoba ni sureba
Kitto anata wa komatta kao de watashi o miru
Anata no kimochi ga itai hodo wakaru kara
Sotto shite oku yo kokoro ga kooritsuku mae ni

Hitori samishiku miru hoshi no nai sora ni
Omou no wa tada hitotsu anata no koto dake
Mou sude ni wakatteru kono mama jya ikenai koto kurai
Kaeru beki basho ni hayaku modoshite agenakya

Itsuka dokoka de mata aeta no naraba
Kanashimi yori mo ii omoide de aritai kara
Yakusokusuru yo kore kara no michi wa
Itsumo waratte iremasu you ni to

Anata no koe ga
(I thinking better just stay with you, I can’t stop loving you…)
Anata no ude ga
(I thinking better just stay with you, I can’t stop loving you…)
Aenai hibi wa
(I thinking better just stay with you, I can’t stop loving you…)

English translation

On this chilly night when I'm a lonely person
There's only one thing I think of: just you
Because my heart still hurts too much about saying goodbye
I'll go to sleep repressing how much I miss you

I wish to hear your voice now
I think dearly of your arms now
If the days in which I can't see you continue on
Then maybe I'd rather say goodbye like this
The very road itself is long and distant and has no answers
That's why I need a powerful proof to believe in now
So please, just for a little while is fine
Hug me now, because I feel like I'm about to freeze

On this chilly night when I'm a lonely person
There's only one thing I think of: just you
Because my heart still hurts too much about saying goodbye
I'll go to sleep repressing how much I miss you

Everyday, within the same daily life
I was healed by your smile again and again
Because I miss you, I'm thinking of excuses
Despite not wanting to say goodbye, I'm thinking of the end
If I express it as my heart likes
I'm sure you'll give me a concerned look
Because I understand your feelings so much that it hurts
I'll leave things as they are, before my heart freezes up

In the starless sky I see as a lonely person
There's only one thing I think of: just you
I already know that things mustn't stay like this
I've got to hurry up and return them to where they should go back to

If we can meet again someday, somewhere
Since I want to have memories better than sorrow
I'll promise you
that we'll be able to laugh always in the future beyond now

I thinking better just stay with you
Your voice... Your arms...
I can't stop loving you...
The days in which I can't see you...

(Courtesy from

Quite sad love songs.... why is it that I can study better while hearing these sad songs?

Maybe I need to search for new songs, and lately anime's opening have such sweet bitterness in them.

Anyway, Lisa Halim is an Indonesian who sings in Japanese songs just like AizDean, a Malaysian who sings in Japan.

Till then,


Thursday, August 4, 2011

BN and BN and 78

I love you by Ayaka

The original song, but in English. The same singer for the Japanese version

an old time MY classic.

I don't care what others think of their classic, but for this is classic.

Now I'm off to study BN, the properties of Boron Nitride aka BN.

and let's all of us just go "sputter"!!!!!!

I want to buy clothes and shoes too.... but being me, I always think whether or not the shoes wearable (I am an engineering student, my place is always in the lab) though.


Selamat berpuasa to all the muslims in the world!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


as expected from a college student right?


yet, I'm hearing the latest single from yuki kajiura's FictionJunction.
I rather Eternal Blue better.

But the video is much better than Toki no Mukou Maboroshii Sora

Off to study Wave Theorem!!!
(All the while completing the case study for management.....)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011



read article here

thinking about it

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yuki Kajiura!!!!

Kalafina's and FictionJunction producer, Yuki Kajiura is the best musician that I have ever heard!

Here's some subbed videos of


Red Moon


Anime's opening and ending



See-Saw : Gundam Seed opening; Anna ni Isshou Datta no Ni

And lot's more!! I really love FictionJunction and Kalafina, but FictionJunction's videos are quite hard to find.

till then,



new song

I really love FictionJunction. It's quite hard to search for subbed videos though.

To my sisters and brother.

And to my cousin who's getting married today. Congratulations.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

argh!!! again

Diamond Crevasse; May'n

and I pray!!!

for nothing actually.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mr Raindrop

Raindrops all the way to my head

Mr Raindrop


Mr Raindrop

Mr raindrop falling on me.....

Mr Raindrop from Gintama's second ending.

Thank you Suchanska!
I really loved this song and it pretty much suits my mood now.

An incoming typhoon no 2 will hit japan by either tomorrow or the day after.

A gloomy weather, and yet I'm craving for shu-cream(aka cream puff)!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring? Summer?

It's still May.

Yet the weather is unusually hot.

With the rise of electricity bill for this year-due to the tsunami incident this year, I guess all of us will start using the library efficiently.

House=sleeping place.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

-safe - and - sound

to my dearest family

I'm safe.