Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's already Thursday

Every Thursday, I check upon my favorite manhwa, then go to laboratory like any other day, then comes back home looking up at my favorite anime series of the moment.
Not much of life, huh?

Then open my fridge to find nothing because it's already Thursday. Friday is the day of shopping.

With nothing left in the fridge, I go to the nearest 7-eleven, buying onigiri, some bread, and chocos for dinner.

I am the kind who could not study in her room - I only eat, sleep, play, engrossing myself in mangas in my room- so I wake up early to (never mind that- I could not even wake up early anymore) go to the library. Save my electric bills.

About Thursdays;
hmmmm.... then Fridays. Home shopping.
and Saturdays for laboratory meetings.

I'm hoping the endless loop to break anytime soon, or else, I will start to believe that I'm a robot.
Huh, where all my energy gone to?

When I realize something, it's already Thursday.

Such a slowpoke, that I am.


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