Friday, June 19, 2009

夏か。。。summer ... HOT!!!!

It is not yet summer but the humidity, and the temperature is changing drastically to a hot dessert. Learning is tough, when the wind is so strong that it made my notes flew(luckily I caught them before the turned into burnable garbage).

My frequent-visited udon store has a new recipe. Cold udon, but as I thought I prefer hot udon although it's steaming hot here. 

I ate Doraemon's favourite dorayaki. It's like bean paste (azuki) wrapped in two thick pancakes . Not so delicious for my taste. But maybe I need to stop more dorayaki store?  

Last night 24th June, I experienced earthquake for the first time. It lasted arond 2-3 seconds, but no doubt about it, my bed was shaking so hard that I had to think twice( for I thought it was my neighbour moving things around her room). Here I am living on the highest floor in my apartment, won't that be something to fear? I was already thinking about hiding under my study table too. Luckily it last by seconds, which seemingly for me, more than a day. I still feel the anxiety up till now. 

Ha Hu Hi


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