Saturday, October 18, 2008

Senshi of darknes...

I'm writing a fanfiction and I don't know where to post it.. I'll just post some of it here first

Warrior of Silence


Her deep violet eyes seemed searching for the answer she used to ponder. His twinkling golden eyes saw through her. She could not take this matter anymore, for his eyes, wherever she went, tracing her to take her gazing in his again.


Her mind awakened.

“How could you be asleep at this time?” asked Chibi Usa, aimlessly looking up at the serene sky above the packed city of Tokyo.

Hotaru smiled. She actually liked night; it’s a better time of the day. After all, she was called firefly, an amazing creature that flutters against the dark sky. “What it is Chibi?”

Chibi looked at her best friend. She was tired of Hotaru not having a boyfriend. But then again, who wants a girl with her power? Even bad guys bolted out before Hotaru near them. “Let’s go to Urashinjuku. I heard there’s a sale going on.”



She is beautiful. Her dark hair, her petite silhouette, her porcelain skin beauty, but there’s something about the eyes. Her azure amethyst eyes seemed to burn his heart. He wanted to touch her, to hold her; to…maybe he’ll do anything to electrolysis all her sorrow. Is that the word? Electrolysis? Whatever it is, just a longing to meet her.

“Amano! Work!”

Amano nodded. “Who’s the client?”

“Just some old hag”, came the reply, from the best bud he ever had, Mito. “Want to go the mall? There’s a lot of stuff down there you could try, even the girls, da.”

Amano knew that Mito was trying to set up with some girl, although all of them are his taste but none of them really her. The girl of his weird dream could not be found easily too. Well at least he will be just trying to mix in the crowd. This is his hometown after all. Urashinjuku.

so how is it?

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