Thursday, May 7, 2009

YAHOOO!!!!!!! finally

finally, I am connected to the world wide web. That was sooooo long ago...

my life here in Yamaguchi... at first it was so cold that I wanted to buy everything that could warm me up.... then it started to get warmer.... it's a good thing I didn't bought any new sweaters at all.

food.... at least it is easier to buy halal food here. And the customer's service department always online. And they always seems to help us finding the food that we could eat. Such as this

fuwa-fuwa cake. A very soft mochi(rice paste), with some creamy "something" inside... 

Then the sakura tree. Sakura tree is a weird tree. They blooms beautifully, no doubt about it, but only after the blossoms fall then the leaves started to shoot. The flowers are beautiful... I like the colour. 

Japanese like to sing songs with sakura theme in it. Beats me. At least every singer has a song entitled Sakura... and every single of them doesn't have the same theme. I guess. I haven't heard every Sakura songs yet.

The tree are amazingly comes in different shapes and sizes. The one I've seen in Tokyo was bigger than the one I've seen here in Yamaguchi. But I like the Yamaguchi's tree better. They give a warm feeling when you sit under the tree, with all those blossoming sakuras... words could not describe the feelings.  I feel like I had come back home... or at least I didn't feel lonely under the tree. (Does that mean I'm lonely??? Ha Hu Hi)

Within the first two weeks of April, the sakura bloomed. The tulips bloomed. Strawberries are the hot item on the market. And the month of May came. 

Golden Week!!!! holidays to all the citizens of Japan!!! and that will be in another post.

till then

Ha Hu Hi

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