Thursday, October 29, 2009

Colder and colder

Today's temperature=21 degree. It's so cold. I even have a runny nose (with a box of tissue near me), drinking hot tea, wearing my winter clothes already. Lucky that my air-con have heater with it. 

Currently, I'm buying a lot of mangas, light novels,  and English novels. 


Heart no Kuni no Alice (vol 1~3)

Light novels:

  1. Earl and Fairy vol 15 - Unmei no Akai ito wo shinjiteimasuka (do you believe the red thread destiny?)
  2. Earl and Fairy vol 16 - Chikai no kissu wo yoake made (the kiss oath till morning(?))


  1. Wit's End by Karen Joy Flower
  2. Fool's Errand by Robin Hobb 


  1. Drama- My Girl starring Aiba(Arashi), Ohitorisama, Jin-ni
  2. Anime- Kobato, Kimi ni todoke, Tegami Bacchi

My flower are starting to wither, but my tulips shows no sign of budding. I wish they show some kind of signs already. I want to know how they turns out to be too. 

till then,

Ha Hu Hi

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