Monday, January 23, 2012


old school stuffs.

no.1 old songs, old boybands
-consists of BSB, M2M, Linkin' Park, Smashmouth.... of the West. around 2001 I learned of Utada Hikaru, and 2005 is the first time I heard Because I'm a girl fromm KISS(korean group)
-pre-grad days, hmm more to DBSK, Asian KungFu Generation, Porno Grafitti, Momosu

no.2 fashion,
hmm.... tough one. I guess having a hard cardboard paper inside the school tudung so that it makes the perfect angle? ah! and the very much cover the face tudung - which ustazahs always reprimanded us for it. The tudung is also makes of shiny satiny cloth. No cotton. For leisure, it would be either plain coloured tudung or the rosalinda tudungs or the cotton tudung that have flowery designs (not the kind you see today). Tudung bawal.

Baggy pants for the girls. Wearing celak or eye kohl to school.
Everyone equipped with walkman or mini radio - with the loud speaker functioned. So that during gotong royong, everyone can listen to radio together.

no.3 activities.
mine's a co-ed school, so I went to a lot of campings. Whether at the back of school, or in a mountain, or just playing around with mud.
Got scolded a lot from teach-in-charge. And a lot of rotan too. With my group. Still remember the sensation of not being able to sit properly due to the rotans...
And walking around the school at night before Lights-Off. And buying nasi lemak, nasi ayam, pau daging masak hitam, pau ayam masak kicap before going to sleep. And going to teacher's house to pau their food.


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