Saturday, April 11, 2015

Light Em Up

No disrespect to Fall Out Boy, but Japan's winter is the season for all the lights to go beserk.

Oh dear, I forgot to post this entry and have been in the drawer for 3 months...
Here goes my winter entry.

All major cities in Japan will have grand illumination, usually up to Dec. 25th, but some of them still continues until Valentine.

Dear me, I am so hyped looking at those sparkling lights.
Tokyo Color from Tokyo Station


I love those lights against the harsh winter. Without them, the winter will be too cold and life will be, well lifeless. Not to mention how delicious the cheese cake I had in Ebisu. It was,guiltily, the most expensive cheese cake I'd have.   

Now the spring has arrived, I will move on to the next chapter of 2015.

Till then, 
Ha Hu Hi.

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