Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Golden Week: Day 2

Hirosaki, Aomori

It's Sakura Festival Week in Hirosaki, Aomori.
Since all the other (known) prefectures sakura had already bloomed and fall weeks ago, it's nice knowing that I can get my sakura revenge while it was still blooming all over in Hirosaki!

And I meant it, sakura all over!
Damn, so beautiful, that it made me cry (apparently in my head, though).

while walking in the city, a Beni Shidare Sakura
beni = crimson
shidare = sweeping

again, throughout the city, sakura in blossom!
Just not a sunny day though.

Before entering the Hirosaki Garden, walking down the road circling the garden with sakura!

The sakura was so full that even the small stream turned pink with the petals!

Never thought that I would see the day where everywhere in an extremely wide space, sakura blossom all over!

Oh yeah, because Aomori is also famous for apples, me and M enter every cafes for the best apple pies!
Fujita Memorial Garden, which served an amazing size of apple pie.
Both are apple pies, one with chocolate filling, and the other was a bitter apple pie, using the apples from Aomori. It was so good. 

The signboard next to Aomori Tourist Centre, apple pies!!!!
At Nebuta village, making senbei with peanuts filling. I ate while it was still warm, and taste delicious. Warm, soft yet crunchy senbei!

We went on for sakura viewing until 7 p.m, wanting to view sakura in the night sky. The soft colored petals of sakura in the day time turns vividly red in the night. 
Just after the sun set, and several lanterns were lighted up. 

No wonder the sakura in night time seemed like a haunted yet beckoning us to come spirit.

The sakura viewing experience in Aomori was indeed a breath taking experience. To see everywhere in white and pink was again telling me to take time and enjoy the purity of life, and to do your best!

Till then,
Ha Hu Hi

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