Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 Golden Week: Day 3

Aomori city, Aomori Prefecture

It was cloudy and the sky looked like it was going to rain sometime soon, we went around the Aomori city. 
(mainly because M is going back to Tokyo today)

Aomori city is a port city (think of Klang if you're a Malaysian), providing passages between Hokkaido and Honshu. There's a history guide around the city and also a ferry museum, the last Seikan ferry, which I went to for my last day in Aomori.

Just a bit information on Aomori. 
First of all, Aomori is famous for it's apple and fishery.
Then, Aomori is famous for birthing intellectuals and writers.
Aomori also have a pre-historic site of Jomon period (5500 - 4000 BC). 
In August, Aomori city is fully festive with the Nebuta festival, a festival for floating light-up giants paper crafts (if I'm not mistaken) and dancing and singing.

Now the proof of Aomori apple.

 This is the A-Factory. The Apple factory.
Where you can find all apple products from apple to apple wine. You can smell the apples even before going in!
There's also an eatery inside, so you can still have udon if you're tired of eating apple pies, apple sorbets, apple juices, apple mochis, ya da da de da....

Nebuta museum 
It is giant floating light-up crafted paper! Though in the museum is in small scale, but by looking at the handicrafts, you can see how tedious the details are being made to make it so outrageously beautiful!
Wa Rase ワ・ラッセ
I think that the festival is to honor the samurais. Or maybe back in the days the nebuta was used to scare the opponents. To say, if this was made in it full scale and lighten up in the night, everybody would thought that monsters had descended.

Me and M didn't make it to the Jomon site, but we made it to the Aomori Art museum. 
Aomori-ken あおもり犬(aka Aomori dog)
It's the famous dog! It was big and simple design... though I don't know what the sculpture was about.

At Aomori port, there have been some figurines that taken from Aomori writers.
Akai Ito
This is Akai Ito (赤い糸) aka red destiny (or red thread) monument. The novel Omoide (思い出) aka Memory was written at around 1930s, with the theme of true love, in which one of the characters lived in Aomori and the other one in Hakodate (Hokkaido). It was the days when there was not much transportation between Aomori and Hakodate ..... (since I don't read the  novel, I don't know how the characters met)

Oh! Lunch!
M and I ordered a Tsugaru set for lunch!
Tsugaru set 津軽定食
There's rice, misoyaki hotate, hotate sashimi, a miso soup with fish, big pickled radish and spicy fish.
It was delicious!!
(P/S: Hotate is scallop)

That's conclude of what I did in the 3rd day.

Till then,
Ha Hu Hi

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