Sunday, October 12, 2014

Typhoon Season

(and the effects on company workers)

Signs of autumn in Japan.
 1. A lot of mushroom going around in supermarket.

 2. Cute pumpkin design anywhere.

 3. SANMA fish everywhere. (and it's delicious too!")

 4. Reading and Sport events

 5. Typhoon

Courtesy of the STAR Thursday, Oct 9, 2014

Definitely no.5.
In less than two weeks, I've had one hit last Monday (Typhoon No. 18 aka Neneng Typhoon) and another upcoming No. 19 aka Vongfong whether in Monday or Tuesday next week.
Schools in Japan had informed the students that class were cancelled.
Meteorology department had given warning issues to high risk area to evacuate.
Now.... how about medium risk area or to say Tokyo area?

 Last week typhoon, my department had warned us the typhoon in e-mails the Friday before. To quote the contents; "If the typhoon no. 18 hit on Monday, you should stay in your home. To those who went to work after considering there will be no danger, you can enter your working hours as............"

Well, I went to work in the afternoon since I had some unfinished documents need to be completed by Tuesday.

 Now, for the upcoming typhoon. I received the same e-mail on Friday, but with a bit of change of contents. To quote " ... You can only go to work after receiving your supervisor permission."

Oh dear, it seems like the upcoming typhoon is quite dangerous seeing the e-mail.

 Why does Autumn brings forth typhoon? It's more on the drastic change of pressure since it'll be getting colder here = air pressure drop. The high pressure from south moves upward and creates the swirls of winds. Well, that's just my assumption. I don't know whether this is right, but this is the basic knowledge of typhoon.

 Autumn is the season of greatness in terms of food and health. It also brings out the nature danger. Sort of give and take with nature and human. Time for remembrance so we don't forget. No matter how great the human beings are, there are far greater power than us.

Till then,
Ha Hu Hi

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