Wednesday, November 14, 2012

After the depression willful days

nice weather? Not today.

It was supposed to be sunny, and I happily laid out my late-due-to-one-week-rain of laundry.
Then, I'm off to college. Just about having my lunch that these tiny drops of water fell. lightly, with strong wind. Light shower on a sunny day. Japanese people said that during days like this the fox will take a bride. A fox wedding day huh? Congrats then.....while my laundry piles up again.. huhuhu

a little late for my promise but here it is!
The summary for novels read on those willful days.

1. Princess of the midnight ball
A retelling story from our beloved fairy tales; the 12 dancing princess.
It told the story of 12 princess, cursed from birth due to her mother sacrifice, to dance for an evil underground King and the king's sons.
It adapted nicely and just like in the fairy tale, a soldier who was given an invisible cloak rescues them from the evil clutches.
Here, our hero does a bit of knitting and gardening, which comes handy in defeating the King.
And the budding love between Galen, the hero and Rose, the oldest princess brings fluttery feelings in my stomach. The story also involves politics a bit, to add reality to. Castle politics, I suppose and the relationship between neighboring princes and countries when the King (the princess father) wanted to solve the mystery shrouding our princess dancing shoes.

2. Princess of glass
This time, a Cinderella story, but it's not Cinderella who the heroin. It's one of the princess in the above mentioned story. The battle between the new evil underground King continues in this story, as the new evil King wants a bride (well, the old evil King wants the princess to be his sons' brides). I don't want to spoil the story so here my very little summary. The princess were sent to neighboring countries to mend the relationship because of what happened in the first story. The heroin this time, Poppy, was sent to their cousins and at the same time a neighboring prince was attending. Not much of a romance here, but I like the banters between Poppy and the prince, who seems to think that almost every girl will think of him as the next husband target. A maid was cursed and the one who realized it first was Poppy. But how can Poppy help her if the girl herself wish not to?

That were two books that kept me till dawn. 

After that I finished reading Entwined, Hunger Games, and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. I am waiting for the last in the trilogy when the youngest sister gets her own adventures in Princess of the silver woods.

Till then, 

P.s: My thirst for books is really bad. I can finish a novel a day......and with all the mangas lying around, I wonder how in the world my room has turned into a library?

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  1. Keep on reviewing the books^^ oh, this made my day :) Can I borrow, please please please?