Wednesday, November 14, 2012


ok, I'm done.

Not that.
I never actively wear makeups.
Now, late in my 20's, I started wanting to use them.

But the BIG questions comes whenever I standing in front of racks showing a lot of cleanser, creams, etc...

I am a muslim.
I am now living in where there's a very small population of muslim.
In regards of food, somehow I manage to survive... there's a lot of fish and an online halal food delivery.
But, how about cosmetics?
It's easy to recognize back in my country, but here?
So, first I started with brands I know back in my country.

But recently, when I looked back at PETA: an animal cruelty free site... somethings are just......
and there's a lot of unlisted Japanese companies.

Now for my daily toner, moisturizer and face cleaner, I use products from ROHTO. Typical drug store products.
肌ラボ HadaLabo

I love the HadaLabo series. They didn't contain any animal derivatives and no alcohol as checked from Malaysian site. Moreover, they did not test in on animals. Safe one hurdle.

Then a new product called Yuki Gokochi (literal translation very comfortable snow) came out.

雪ごこち Yuki gokochi

I really wanted to try it. So I sent a questionnaire to them late last night, and today they called me to say that there is no animal derivatives and alcohol in the cream. Yes! Score another one!!!

That's from typical drugstore products.
Then as my willful wills, I just type halal cosmetics.
There is one with Halal certification of products from a Japanese company. A little bit pricey. I'm so going to buy it when I am a little bit richer.

Here's the site:
Royal Cosmetics


But now... the rest of the makeups... it seems quite hard to find, and the other option is for me to buy online as Cruelty-Free, Animal-Free, Totally Vegan cosmetics are all outside Japan...(to name a few, they are Tarte, Urban Decay, Fx Cosmetics) 
Good thing I didn't buy the whole set during the time being ignorant as I am. 
Now I just need to find a good mascara, eyeliner, and foundation.  

so, till then,

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