Thursday, November 22, 2012

reading materials

I'm a bookworm.
Not much maybe compared to real bookworms, but I believe in my family I'm the worst case of bookworm.

I really love reading with passion. Moreover when I found a good book, it's hard to let go of the contents from my head. Really.

My reading materials are categorized into 3

1. Novels
    May it be in English or Malay language, I read those I think worth reading.. (though my novels are a lot in English), and this is sub-categorized to two; a chic lit and young adult fiction for lighter reading (mostly from Cecilia Ahern, Diana Wynne Jones, my new favorite, Jessica Day George and others) or something heavier (Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Yann Martel, George R.R Martin  and the likes).
    I'm still exploring the Malay novels yet, but I really like Ramlee Awang Murshid. It is still hard for me to find a book that I won't throw 1/4 way out because the very typical storyline.

2. Mangas
    My source of love stories and action actually. I usually read shojo. josei and a bit of shonen genre.
    I love mostly Kaoru's mangas from Gempak Starz in Malaysia.
    Mostly shojo's stories too, but lately the shojo's genre has that too annoying heroin without spine or too much of an air-head. And too dumb to be compared to their hero. Please.... We need a model heroin here!!!!
    Well, some of my favorites mangakas would be:

  • Masami Tsuda (His and her circumstances; high school students coping up with exams, love, and society)
  • Naoko Takeuchi (Sailormoon, of course... still dumb girl but at least her development is encouraging!)
  • Motomi Kyosuke (Dengeki Daisy)
  • Tsubaki Izumi (Oresama Teacher; the adventures of a delinquent high school girl in disciplinary team trying to make her delinquent school a better place )
  • Nakamura Yoshiki (Skip Beat, Tokyo Crazy Paradise to name a few her heroins always a strong willed girl to the end, that's why I like this mangaka)
  • Clamp (Cardcaptor Sakura!!! the sweetest girl)
  • Tsujita Ririko (Warau Kanoko-sama and Koi dano Ai dano → a story about a high school girl manipulating the school in the shadows)

    My josei... still hard to find a good one. But I like

  • Yuchi Yayomi (Fukuyado Honpo; a story about 3 sisters and their lives revolving around their ancient wagashi shop), 
  • Higashimura Akiko (Kuragehime: a girl who trying to save her living apartments before sold to developer by starting her own cloth-line)
  • Yachi Emiko (Ashita no Ousama; a country-bred girl becoming a successful screen-writer) 
  • and Ogawa Yayoi (Kimi wa Pet; how a career woman juggling through love, work and personal relationship).  

    My shonen would be One Piece by Oda Eichiro and Until Death do Us Part by Takashige Hiroshi.

    I do read some uncategorized mangas though. I like Tokeino Hari's Gakuen babysitters, a story about a boy helping out in nursery after school and Corseltel No Ryuujyutsushi Monogatari, by Ayuma Isuragi, a story of babysitting too, but dragon babies instead a human. Kumeta Natsuo's Bokura no Kiseki is a story about a princess reincarnated in modern times as a boy and how he dealt with enemies from her(?) time in modern way.

Oh my, I do wrote a lot about mangas here eh?

3. Non-fiction and others
I read this just when I think I am lacking too much of knowledge here. Not much but, the Sun Tzu's Art of War, Mahathir and Drucker are in my list. Right now, I am searching for books on Japanese culture and economy.

Wow! I wrote a lot this time.... Maybe I should wrote a lot for novels too. I read a lot more than what's written.

Till then,


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    Hey, you changed the background! It look super funky and energetic! ...kinda make me hungry too..

    What's a Josei genre anyway?

    Keep reading, and happy blogging! :)

  2. salam,
    josei genre is directed to young adult to adult.. after high school and above.
    TYhanks for commenting! Nice knowing you're okay

  3. Yo bariff!!! Eh, heh,heh. before kene tegur... Assalamualaikum :D

    Josei is directed to woman right? I mean usually...............
    Yo yo! yo!!

    ni la namenye lepas tension >.< I'm reading more non-fiction nowadays, mainly because I need a grasp of reality too^^